Medway Droughtmasters

Medway Droughtmaster Stud originates from the ranges of Bogantungan, in Central Queensland, Australia. Approximately 2100 head of breeders are run on 50,000 acres of grazing land. The beef cattle breed of the Droughtmaster is an Australian made breed established in the 1960's. As a well adapted beef breed the conformation is special engineered to survive and thrive in the sometimes harsh climate of Australia. Medway Droughtmaster's was founded by Hastings Donaldson and his late father Rob Donaldson in 1991. The family run business operates over several blocks across the Central Highlands, Queensland.  Though all breeder cattle remain on 'Medway' Station, 20,000 hectares varies from mountainous ranges to open eucalyptus creek flats located on the Eastern side of the Drummond Range on the Capricornia line of Tropics. Medway has been owned by Donaldson family since 1908.